This page contains a list of Python programming projects.





Crypto Projects In Python


Binance For Crypto Data & Candlestick Charts In Python

The python-binance package along with mplfinance was used to obtain cryptocurrency information from Binance. A candlestick price chart for the BTCUSDT trading pair was produced.


Kucoin Crypto Data & Candlestick Charts In Python

This project is similar to the Binance crypto data project. The Kucoin crypto exchange API is used to connect to Python. Candlestick price charts are produced with the mplfinance Python library.


Coinbase Crypto Data In Python & Candlestick Price Charts

Python being used to extract Coinbase crypto price data with the Coinbase API.


Crypto Fear & Greed Index Data In Python

Using Python to extract cryptocurrency fear and greed index data and plotting the index values in a line plot.


Bitcoin Line Plots On Price & Marketcap In Python

Python and plotly to plot simple line plots on Bitcoin’s historical price and marketcap.


Yahoo Finance For Stocks & Crypto In Python

Exploring the yfinance package in Python and plotting prices of stocks & cryptocurrency.


Coingecko Price Data Webscrape In Python

Using Python and BeautifulSoup to webscrape cryptocurrency prices from the Coingecko website.