Hi there. Welcome to my website. Topics include mathematics, statistics, R programming, Python programming with data science.

This site is run with R Markdown with the use of this guide.

I have more items such as R and Python code from my Github here.


Teachers To Go Math Tutoring Page

Python Streamlit Projects

Crypto Fear & Greed Index

Math Flashcards

Football Tables Dashboard

Crypto Price Plots


R Shiny Projects


Crypto Prices Dashboard With Crypto Fear & Greed Index

This interactive dashboard produced in R, RShiny and flexdashboard features crypto prices from Coinbase and Kraken. There is a crypto fear and greed index where the data is extracted from alternative.me. You can find available price data for many of the popular cryptocurrencies along with a good handful of altcoins.


Quandl Finance R Shiny Web Application

In this RShiny web application, I use R, RShiny and Quandl to present various financial data. The datasets that are used are free and cover these topics:


Math Tools R Shiny Web Application

This RShiny project with flexdashboard features a collection of mathematics tools.

The app has these math tools.


German Bundesliga Soccer Final Season Tables Application


Monte Carlo Simulation R Shiny App with shinydashboard For Estimating π